Whitefoot shot by police, and sheep plucked by wretches

April 12, 1834.

April 12, 1834.

The notorious Keely, who has for the last year and a half eluded the vigilance of the police in the surrounding districts, and for whom a large reward has been offered, dead or alive, for taking arms and posting Whitefoot notices, has at length met with the reward of his labours.

The public having received information that he was in the house of a woman residing at Ballymore Eustace, County Wicklow, whom he had a short time threatened about some land she held, proceeded to the place and after gaining admittance, desired Keely to surrender.

His reply was by firing a pistol, the contents of which passed through the cap of one of the police, after which he attempted to escape through a hole in the roof. One of the police getting a glimpse of him fired, and shot him through the body. Keely fell, and while down attempted to fire another pistol, which was prevented by the police, who soon left him unable to do further mischief; he survived but a short time after.

This daring ruffian was some time since arrested, and put in Stradbally Bridewell, from which he escaped. He intended to proceed to America in the course of a few days, and the principal cause of his late visit to County Wicklow was to bid farewell to some of his accomplices and friends. The country has been fortunately relieved from one of the greatest pests which disturbed its tranquillity.

* * *

On the night of the 28th, the wool was plucked off six sheep at Rathglass, near Tullow, in the barony of Rathvilly.

The inhuman wretches, in committing this savage outrage, tore part of the flesh off the sheep’s’ backs.