Laois abortion help group

June 24, 1989.

June 24, 1989.

The Portlaoise Group of Women Hurt By Abortion are concerned at the damaging side effects of post abortion trauma, which they feel is not receiving adequate recognition as a syndrome in society.

The Portlaoise Group are part of a wider network of confidential, caring groups for girls and women. They wish to bring this syndrome to the attention of local people preparing for marriage, marriage counsellors, school teachers and all those concerned for the happiness of married couples.

Post-abortion trauma may have a large influence on a woman’s decision to get married, whom she marries, and even on her capacity to make such decisions. Men can be just as deeply affected by the abortion experience.

There are many physical and psychological problems related to abortion. Despite the seriousness of the physical problems, the impact of the psychological problems can be even more complex.

The woman may subconsciously choose an abusive relationship. She may become emotionally withdrawn. She may be unable to bond with a subsequent child leaving the way open to child neglect or abuse, or, at the other extreme, over protectiveness. Other side effects include loss of interest in sex, frigidity and fear of pregnancy.

The Women Hurt By Abortion group believe that people enter marriage at a great handicap if they do not seek healing for the abortion experience. They believe that attention should be given to the need for post abortion healing in the course of the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council’s pre-marriage course. The syndrome should also be taken into consideration by counsellors when dealing with marital difficulties.

These views have now been conveyed in a statement to the national secretary of the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council by the executive committee of the Women Hurt By Abortion group.

In the meantime, women in Laois who have undergone abortions are welcome to contact the Portlaoise group for support, understanding and an approach to lasting healing.