Celebrity Operation Transformation - the inside view

Celebrity Operation Transformation - the inside view

The reality of the first weight-in loomed large on Monday. Naturally our celebrity leaders were nervous.

After the weigh-in, our expert insights form a major part of the intervention and while a minute or so is shown on television, they last around 15 minutes.

Dr Ciara focuses on medical matters, Karl on fitness, Aoife on food and myself on psychological matters.

We try to give feedback in fair, truthful and emphatic ways so that change can occur. You can follow the leaders and change now.

Gerald Keane

Target 5lbs - Lost 1st 3 lbs

A great first weight-in for Gerald. He figures this is a competition to win and what counts is weight loss. Health is the prize not a number on the scales. Dr Ciara raised concerns regarding the toxic mix of cigar smoking and Type II diabetes noting that it can lead to leg amputation and blindness (retinopathy). I encouraged Gerard to look at his ‘all or nothing style’. This ability to focus leads to great results during the ‘all phase’ but in the ‘nothing’, healthy habits are ditched in favour of pleasure.

Katherine Lynch

Target 4lbs Lost 8 ½ lbs

It was wonderful to see Katherine in a non comedic role.. I saw a person who is connected to people and place. I would like to see her more connected with herself and her health. She is the fittest leader and has capacity to push the hardest. Much of her weight loss is associated with a good food routine and not drinking. Her challenge is to get the balance right. Katherine identified this as “picking my party”. That’s a great concept. Not every celebration needs to be alcohol related.

Karl Spain

Target 6lbs - Lost 10 ½ lbs

Karl is the unhealthiest leader. With Type II diabetes he is a high risk of a heart attack. Karl is ‘time rich’. Most people don’t have this opportunity, Scheduling this time would be a game changer, putting in a structure and routine. He comes back off a high from his comedy work, it’s during this down period that I will be exploring.

Brenda Donohue

Target 4lbs - Lost 8 lbs

Brenda had a great two weeks and exceeded her target. Her bubbly nature is infectious and she keeps the energy levels up for all the leaders. The challenge and goal for Brenda is having a number of ‘go-to’ meals that she can simply prepare for herself and her family. She is the classic yo-yo dieter having lost 2 stones a number of years ago for all of it to be put back on. Life on the road making radio has led to bad choices in garage’s up and down the country. Food planning will be key for Brenda to ensure she can manage impulse purchases.

Elaine Crowley

Target 5lbs - Lost 1 stone 2 lbs

Wow. An incredible result because Elaine was injured, she had back problems which prevented her from exercising. Yet she lost over a stone. This shows the importance of eating regularly. Elaine had very poor habits, skipping breakfast, eating junk food late in the day. There is a rumour that her local pizza delivery have sent someone out to see if she is still alive!