Staying well this Party Season


Staying well this Party Season

Research shows that lots of late nights of partying can wreak havoc on the immune system.

Those suffering from poor sleep are more likely to catch infection after infection.

Here's some advice on how to stay cold and flu free:

1. Dance! -

This can burn up to 250 calories in 30 minutes and helps to clean out and strengthen our lymphatic system and flush out toxic wastes

2. Include probiotics in your diet -

Help support your gut during party season so make sure you’re getting enough probiotic-containing foods, including live cultured yogurts, miso soup and sourdough breads

3. Wash away the germs -

At crowded events you’re likely to come into contact with a contaminated surface so wash your hands thoroughly and regularly to prevent the spread of germs

4. Sleep tight -

Not getting enough sleep lowers your immune function, so know when to call it a night.

The body needs a good seven hours kip to help build itself up.

Poor sleep over a long period can decrease immune function very quickly.

5. Limit alcohol -

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is also bad for your immune cells, which get disorientated and confused just like us!

During party season make sure you drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have and help save yourself from the dreaded hangover too

6. Drink

Green tea which is rich in many chemicals that have been shown to have health protective properties (phytochemicals)

7. Quit smoking –

Smoking is bad for immune function as well as everything else in the body.

One cigarette destroys 25mg of vitamin C and a habit of four a day can wipe out most of your RDA

8. Ditch fatty foods -

Having a high fat intake or high cholesterol makes your immune cells lazy, so walk past the burger van on your way home!

9. Herbal help –

Take Echinacea at the first sign of feeling run down to help support the immune system to fight off colds and flu. Try A.Vogel Echinaforce drops or tabs to help banish symptoms early

10. Know when to stay home –

If you’re ill, stay home. Don’t force yourself out only to be more susceptible to germs, and make yourself even sicker. Stay home and recover and get yourself better sooner and ready for the next Christmas do!