Go green to keep your energy costs in check this winter

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Go green to keep your energy costs in check this winter

Turning your home green will not only do your bit to help the earth, but also save quite a bit of cash.

With energy costs still a major factor in most households, now is the time to make some changes that will reduce waste, lower carbon emissions and help you keep those ESB and oil bills down.

Following this route is much easier than one would imagine and to a great degree, is plain common sense.

A few little simple adjustments and hundreds of euro could be saved instantly.

1. Watch that temperature

With winter now approaching, turning your heating thermostat down by just one degree could cut your energy bills by up to 10%. and as we all know a vigilant eye has to be kept on the dreaded immersion

2. Draw your curtains

In winter, draw your curtains (or close your blinds) during the evenings and nights to avoid the heat escaping through your windows. Also, if you have radiators by the window, fit radiator foil behind the heaters to reflect heat back into the room.

3. Replace light bulbs

Move to energy-efficient bulbs, which last longer and can save you about €60 over the lifetime of the bulb. Always switch the light off when you leave a room, or if the light is not really needed.

4. Choose energy-efficient appliances

An A+ rated oven consumes 40% less energy than a B-rated one. An energy-efficient dishwasher will cost a lot less than an inefficient one, and it will use less water too which could yet prove topical in the next budget.

5. Stand-off

One thing that we are all guilty of is that standby switch — there is just no need for them in most cases.

Avoid keeping appliances on standby; there are standby savers that allow you to switch off your appliances in one go, and unplug gadgets when fully charged.

6. Keep it snug

On a final note, make sure your home is well insulated.

All these little things will make those household bills thatbit easier and maybe make that new leather sofa and chairs more affordable.