Lights, cameras, action... Operation Transformation

Lights, cameras, action... Operation Transformation

Portarlington psychologist and Operation Transformation Dr Eddie writes about the new OT leaders.

Operation Transformation is underway with weigh-ins of the brave leaders.

The excitement will soon be replaced by highs, lows and challenges as the toll of routine, personal responsibility and bodies come back to a healthy balance.

leap of faith

The first task for our leaders was to step off a high building in Dublin, a 'leap of faith'. My heart was thumping and so were our leaders'. The Dublin Fire Brigade's challenge is symbolic as our leaders make big steps to change.

You too are invited to reach out and take a leap to be the 'best you'.

It begins with a decision that parts of your life just are not working any longer, a belief in yourself that you can change, and a vision of what you want to be.

I encourage our leaders to visualise their transformation, the energy they will have, the health, the joy, the work it takes to get and keep there, how wonderful it will feel to achieve it.

Remember you have a lifetime of wisdom, knowledge and tools. We can forget them, or dull them using alcohol.

Shape up, sober up, use your strengths, resilience and resources like family, friends and the ‘Food: move: motivation’ tools on

What I love about OT is how thousands get involved. A mass movement of health and wellbeing in families, schools, workplaces and communities. It’s free, inclusive and wants everybody involved. Join in.

OT leaders

Sean Daly, Clondalkin, 24st3lb

Seán is the joker of the pack. Coming out gay saved his life. Now he needs to save it again by tackling his weight, otherwise he will be 25st at 25 years of age.

Marie Grace, Limerick, 14st1lb

Marie, aged 32 is a busy working mum. She has lost herself brought on by loss, grief and exhaustion. I look forward to supporting Marie on her transformation journey and already can see the outcome.

Chris McElligott, Meath, 17st11.5lb

Chris aged 46 has a prosthetic leg. At first you see the disability, then you will see the ability. Chris is everyone else’s motivator but has lost his own motivation. This is the challenge to fire this up as well as getting more vegetables into his system!

Yvonne Keenan Ross, Louth, 16st10lb

Yvonne aged 48 defines herself as the Irish mammy. Life has thrown many challenges. She has two children conceived after years of struggle and rounds of IVF. In 2011, Yvonne’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and had to give up work and undergo surgery and treatment. Coping has taken its toll, Yvonne wants to be healthier, she needs to be.

Maireád Redmond, Wexford, 16st4lb

Maireád aged 22 is a chocolatier and pastry chef. I love her drive and ambition. On top of making artisan chocolates and pastries, she is studying a degree in Business. However confidence and self-esteem is low and I do have a question; What is it that Maireád gets up for in the morning – what are the life goals of pleasure meaning and engagement. So life coaching sessions are on the way for Maireád.