Inside Operation Transformation - the highs and lows

Inside Operation Transformation - the highs and lows

By Portarlington psychologist and Operation Transformation expert, Dr Eddie Murphy

There have been tough weigh-ins for our leaders with one each week not meeting the set target. It’s what we learn when we hit our struggles that is most important.

Seán Daly, Dublin

Sean is a great character and has become my clothing guru telling me what looks great on telly. It’s all about the E’s for Sean – Education, Enthusiasm and Embracing.

Sean was too well looked after by his mam. Now he is shopping and cooking his own meals. Irish mammies, - step back so your sons and daughters can step up.

Sean has embraced the plan with great vigour. He is getting fitter and quit smoking. He can see himself as a runner. He is a great singer and would be ideal in a panto. I love his infectious positivity and energy, but how long will it last?

Marie Grace

I have been to Limerick to see Marie and also to do the Park Run. I pushed Marie hard on the run. In the house session I was gentle and supportive as we explored areas of her life. I believe the circle of truth was the turning point for Marie and opened her emotions over the loss of her baby. Sessions with leaders last about an hour with 30 seconds on telly. I loved when Fergal said she is in great form. What a contrast. When people who know you well notice this, you are on the right track.

Chris McElligott

Chris will not be defined by his disability but by his bravery and perseverance. He is ‘unbelievable’ and so inspirational. He is a man on a mission to take control of his weight. Out of control weight would reduce his mobility with resultant consequences such as confinement to a wheelchair. Chris’s work colleagues at FAI have commenced a lunchtime walking group. Could you commence a walking group in your place of work. Can you influence your workplace. After all we spend so much time in work. It makes sense. If we as a community want to live healthier for longer then this is the way to go.

Yvonne Keenan

I am worried about Yvonne. Doing so much is unsustainable and can only lead to exhaustion. She has a great sense of humour and seeing her getting her sports bra felt like watching Fr Ted get lost in the lingerie department. A trip to Carlingford beckons. Our roles as experts is to support. The challenge for her is not to see OT as an extra task. That will only add to the sense of being overwhelmed. The challenge is to integrate a healthy lifestyle making little changes in all areas.

Maireád Redmond

I also was down in New Ross to see Mairead. It was a tough first weight-in. It took a few weeks for Mairead to ‘get it’, the imposition of planning and routine with exercise. One of the issues that came up was how do we filter information. It can take a while to practice changing your internal narrative. Maireád is confronted daily with challenges as she is a chocolatier and pastry chef. I look forward to her first becoming aware of her narrative, and then changing it when required.