Meet Yvonne Culleton - our new blogger for the working out mums

Yvonne Culleton


Yvonne Culleton


Meet Yvonne Culleton - our new blogger

Yvonne with Noah

Hey everyone, I’m Yvonne Culleton,

I currently own/run a facility in Portlaoise called LOL Ladies Only Lifting.

LOL is a unique and private centre for women of all ages to come and train in a friendly and comfortable environment, connect with other women and make friends, plus we are also child friendly!

Being a mother of 4 kids myself I can relate to mammys who want to work out but have no sitter.

So why not bring your babies/kiddies with you??

At LOL we have a designated kids area where they can play, watch TV, read books or just be a spectator while mammy works out! What a great incentive for kids, did you ever hear the saying “Monkey See Monkey Do”???!!

Anyway I will be delivering a blog every two weeks for the Leinster Express which I am very excited about.

I will be covering all things fitness, nutrition, being a working Mammy, how to try get our kids to eat healthy, food prep, what should be on your shopping list, how to fit in training into your day, useful tools to aid weight loss, how to train safely and correctly whilst pregnant, and basically to connect with all the mammy’s and fitness bunny’s out there!  

So who am I really???!!!

I’ll fill you all in with a little info so you’ll know who and what I’m about!!

I am a mother to 4 beautiful babies, Amber 13, Abigail 11, Rory 9 and Jack 6. I am also very passionate about helping ladies feel comfortable whilst training/working out.

I truly believe that if a women is comfortable in her surroundings while working out, progress will be inevitable no matter what their goal may be.

I have a diploma in Sports Nutrition, I’m a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I’m also a certified Kettlebell, TRX and Boxercise Instructor.

Just drop a comment on any topics you would like me to cover even if it’s not on the list above and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.