Yvonne Culleton: Keeping a Food Diary in the battle for weight loss

Yvonne Culleton


Yvonne Culleton



Yvonne Culleton: Keeping a Food Diary in the battle for weight loss

No 1- Food diary

Nowadays there are so many quick fixes and fad diets, which yes will help you lose weight but will you maintain it???

90% of the time the answer is NO! See if we lose a lot of weight quickly we lose some very important and essential lean tissue (muscle), which controls our metabolic rate (rate in which we burn calories). Weight regained after the diet could be fat tissue which is a lot lazier. For every 1lb of lean tissue we burn 50 calories at rest but for every 1lb of fat we only burn 4 calories. So it is pretty lazy!!

Even if you don’t over-eat you could regain weight anyway because of the greater the proportion of lazy fat tissue in your body, because your metabolism is slowed and because lost fluid will replace itself.

The only way to maintain weight loss and adapt and keep a healthy lifestyle is a slow and steady weight loss, and take baby step with changing things in your diet, a drastic exclusion of too many things will deffo set you up for failure.

Realistically we can only lose about 1-2lb of actual fat per week, the rest is fluid. Maybe the first few weeks if you have a lot to lose you might lose more but that will stabilise after a few weeks.

A very useful tool if your goal is weight loss would be to record a food diary. Maybe 5-7 days and just have a sheet of paper with you, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy!

Record everything from water consumption, a lot of uncounted calories can be consumed in liquid form so record all drinks, if you have sugar in your tea’s/coffee’s, portion size of each meal and snack, how you are feeling if you reach for that sugary treat. Some people don’t realize it but our emotions play a lot in our eating habits.

If we are feeling tired or down or had a bad day we tend to reach for sugary things kind of like a reward to cheer yourself up, so just put a little note on it of how you were feeling and see if there is a pattern there.

Times in which we are eating at which is also very important .. We all know how important having our breakfast is don’t we? It’s so very very important.   

Metabolism needs to be kicked right in the butt first thing… It slows down as the day goes on and by evening/night it can be very slow so eating huge portions and junk food at them times will just store as unwanted fat. So put times on your diary too.

Then when the 5-7 days are up have a read through it yourself and check for things like, did I have breakfast today?, did I snack in between meals, have I drink enough water? Have I had too much sugar in my tea/coffee (if you put the same quantity of sugar you usually put in tea/coffee into a container and at the end of the week see how full that container is or add up the tea spoons, will you be shocked??)  

FYI: As an adult our recommended allowance of added sugar PER DAY IS 5 TEA SPOONS. So do the math and see how you go…….

Am I getting enough of all food groups? ( fruits, meats, veggies, dairy, grains),  is my diet varied?, am I following my metabolism, ie. eating a well-balanced breakfast, mid-morning snack, well balanced lunch, mid afternoon snack, and dinner. Little and often is key. This well help stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent sugar impulses.

Am I drinking enough H20?! People can suffer from mild dehydration and not even know it, if you drink a lot of tea/coffee you are at risk of mild dehydration as tea/coffee are diuretics. What this means is they can make you want to wee a lot which so you will lose a lot of fluid that needs to be replaced, so you’ll feel thirsty again and probably reach for more tea/coffee and then it will just do a full circle!

Your energy levels will drop also and if you train your muscles could cramp due to lack of hydration. A little tip on how to work out your recommended water intake would be to multiply your weight in kg by 0.033. This would have to be increased with activity level.

Also ‘IF IT’S NOT IN IT WON’T GO IN’! Everyone knows if the bad stuff isn’t in the presses you can’t put them in your mouth!!!  So don’t buy them in your weekly shopping. Simples!

Continued recording of a food diary will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Give it a try and see how you get on. And be completely honest with everything you’ll be codding none but yourself if you don’t!!!

Good luck.

If any of ye reading this would like to email me your food diary to ytynan@live.com or PM my page LOL Ladies Only Lifting on Facebook I’ll give you some feedback on it..

Next week I will talk about our BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), a very effective tool in fat loss.

Thank you for reading..