How many calories we can eat per day and still lose weight?

Columnist Yvonne Culleton hopes she can help you find the answer to the calorie vs weight conundrum

Yvonne Culleton


Yvonne Culleton


How many calories we can eat per day and still loose weight?

I hope you enjoyed my last blog and found using a food diary has helped you. This week I’m going to explain why our BMR, which is our Basal Metabolic Rate, can also be very useful in regulating body weight.

So what is BMR? BMR means Basal Metabolic Rate, the rate in which we burn calories, and is very useful in determining how many calories we can eat per day and still lose weight. So how do we do this???

There is a formula which is a bit complicated (well I taught it was!) but it is very useful if you are serious about losing bodyfat/weight.

So here it goes: this formula is for women:  Multiply height in inches and age by 4.7. Then multiply weight in  pounds by 4.35. The figures for weight and height are added to 655, and then the age figure is subtracted from that figure… Phew it takes a few times to get it!!

I’ll give my numbers as an example….. Height = 65cm x 4.7 = 305.5

                                                                     Age = 36 x 4.7 = 169

                                                                    Weight = 136lb x 4.35 = 591.6

                                                                    Weight + height = 591.6 + 305.5 + 655 = 1552.1

                                                                     Minus age + 1552.1 – 169 = 1382.1 (Calories)                        

The formula for males is: multiply weight in pounds by 6.23, age by 6.8 and height by 12.7. Add the figures of weight and height to 62, then subtract the age figure.

I hope this makes it easier for you. 

Sometimes when we see all these numbers etc we get turned off but if you just try it out and see, it will work!

There are a few factors that affect our BMR in a very positive way and one of the biggest would be exercise. During any form of exercise our bodies work hard to supply energy and nutrients to the muscles. In some forms of training like resistance training, ie weights ,TRX, kettlebells our BMR remains elevated for hours after our workout is over. And that means burning even more calories wahoo!.

I did mention last week about having more muscle to fat can speed up our metabolism. Here’s how that works. Muscle is an active tissue and needs energy to live, so the more muscle we have the greater demand for energy hence the higher our BMR. Our BMR is very sensitive though so long term crash dieting can hinder it working efficiently. Studies say that it can reduce by 30% if prolonged dieting occurs. We are learning more and more about our metabolism and its importance in controlling body weight.

A we know little and often is best in keeping a healthy BMR and choosing food choices like proteins helps our BMR too as proteins take a lot longer than carbs and fats to break down. Digesting proteins is hard for our bodies so our BMR works harder to break them down. Fish, eggs, turkey, cottage cheese, chicken, nuts are all excellent sources of protein.

Give this ago along with your food diary and see how you get on, can I just say that every person is different so if you’re doing it with a friend or sister brother etc, don’t expect the same results. Our DNA is unique and you could respond completely different to the next person.

Age can be a factor because as we get older our metabolism becomes increasingly slower, males have a higher BMR due to the amount of hormones like testosterone and they also have more muscle mass. So please don’t compare yourselves. 

Good luck!

In my next blog I’ll be talking about our tummy’s and how to tone them as best we can after babies! What exercises are best and what foods to eat and to avoid.

Thanks for reading,

Yvonne Culleton.