Eat well to tackle the flu

In the Leinster Express’ medical column, Dr Ashfaq Ahmad of the Kilminchy Medical Centre dispenses invaluable advice on a host of conditions and ailments.

Dr Ashfaq Ahmad


Dr Ashfaq Ahmad

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Dr Ashfaq Ahmad, who will be dispensing medical advice in the Leinster Express' new column.

It is important to have a healthy diet at all times, but especially during flu season. If you are healthy, you will be better able to fight the flu.

To stay healthy, eat foods from each of these food groups every day:

• Grains (such as bread, rice, and oatmeal)

• Vegetables (such as lettuce, spinach, carrots, corn, potatoes, green beans, and tomatoes)

• Dairy (such as low-fat or fat-free milk, cheese, and yogurt)

• Meat and beans (such as lean beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, and beans)

Suggested fluids for the flu:

• Water

• Warm broth (with low salt)

• Chicken soup                                                                                                                                               

• Real fruit juices (with no added sugar) such apple juice, an orange juice

• Vegetables juices

• Non-caffeinated teas

• Warm water mixed with lemon and honey

• Frozen ice pops or Jello for children who refuse liquids

Be sure to increase fluid intake, unless the doctor advises you otherwise.

Suggested foods for the flu:

If someone feels very sick, provide easily digested soft foods. He or she should eat often and small amounts.

Foods such as Oatmeal, toast, applesauce, or rice work well.