Yvonne Culleton: Why women should do weight training?

Yvonne Culleton: Why women should do weight training?

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There are so many reason’s why women should do weight training and yet there are so many questions and doubts as to why women think they should not do weight training. I hear it every day from loads of women, “I don’t want to get bulky”, “It’s bad for your joints”, “I’ll gain too much weight”, the list goes on… But I cannot recommend weights enough. The health benefits alone speak for themselves and the vanity side of things are also awesome!

Health wise doing weight training 2-3 times a week will increase bone density. When we lift weights, we work our muscles which are connected to our bones and the working muscle then pulls on our bones which releases cells that strengthen and create new bone.

Adolescent girls would definitely benefit from some light bodyweight or resistance training, because the greatest period of bone growth is in the first 2 years of their menstrual cycle, so it will benefit them later in life and prevent osteoporosis.  

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It's never too late to start weight training to improve bone strength, studies show that women who took it up later in life over a period of a year improved their bone strength significantly.

Weights also help strengthen our lower back which can be weakened from child birth/pregnancies. Obviously, each technique would have to be carried out with perfect form, but exercises like the squat, deadlift, Romanian deadlift are fantastic exercises to strengthen the lower back and pelvic area. You can’t beat a squat or a deadlift, they are 2 of the best functional exercises there is! I’m obsessed with them both.

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During weight training your core strength also increases which would help with posture, reduce the risk of injury, increases pelvic floor strength which is very important to us ladies especially after having babies!! Even an exercise like doing jumping jacks can be dodgy as lack of bladder control can happen, but with consistent pelvic floor exercises and a strong core from weight training we will increase the strength of our pelvic floor immensely.

A lot of women are terrified of bulking up if they do weights but that’s not the case at all, because of the high levels of the female hormone estragon that we naturally produce in our bodies, and to be honest the women you see in magazines, or on social media are either photoshopped or inject anabolic hormones (testosterone), to make them muscly.

Plus, we don’t have to lift heavy weights to reap all the health benefits, light to medium weights is prefect, plus you will tone, firm and burn a lot of bodyfat!

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After weight training our metabolism is raised for hours after the workout is complete, which is often called “the after burn”. This is great news for us but bad news for bodyfat!! Being consistent with weight training will also help build lots of lean muscle and help preserve it for later in life which will help keep our metabolism kicking over at a fast rate because as we all know it does slow down as we get older! And we will without a doubt get physically stronger along the way!

I highly recommend doing weights for all the above health reasons and there are many more along with them, but also for the vanity side of things!! To be honest there is no better way to reduce overall bodyfat, firm the bod, look lean and toned and gain massive amounts of confidence. This type of training will transform your body inside and out and that’s a promise.

To torch lots of calories, a full body workout with lots of compound exercise’s (this just means you use more than 1 muscle group) e.g. squats, walking lunges, bench press, deadlifts, shoulders press, the bicycle etc. Performing  8-12 reps X 3 or 4 sets, and for best results make sure each exercise is done with perfect form.

Its recommended to do a good warm up and cool down following any training session, and with a healthy diet, plenty of rest, having a progressive training program you should see and feel the benefits within a few weeks.

If you have any questions regarding any of the exercise’s above or you would like to try weight training, send me a pm on my Facebook Page LOL Ladies Only Lifting, or find me on snapchat my username is yvonnecully for tips on nutrition, workout tips, videos of the many classes that go on at LOL on a daily basis.

Thank you for reading,

Yvonne Culleton

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