Yvonne Culleton: Prepping your meals like a boss!

Yvonne Culleton: Prepping your meals like a boss!

Lunch and overnight oats prep

It’s all over social media at the minute, everyone is doing it and for good reason. Preparing your meals for the days ahead will help you sustain your weight loss goals, training goals, ensuring that you get in sufficient nutrition, and will help stop you reaching for handy stuff!! We all have super busy lifestyles but if we nail our nutrition by prepping good nutritious meals we can keep up our energy levels for our busy schedules.

And it doesn’t have to be boring all the time, there is so many recipes online that only take 20 minutes to cook.

The best way to start prepping if you haven’t done already is to plan your meals and snacks when doing your weekly shopping, but don’t start with the full 7 days first it could overwhelm you and you’ll just say “Ah here leave it so”!! Try 2 – 4 days first.

Get all of the ingredients for the 2-4 days so they are there ready to be used. Make sure you have a good verity for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. Be adventurous, you’ll feel like Gordan Ramsey!!!!!

I personally do it on a daily basis, I cook my dinner and keep a smaller portion for my lunch the next day. Then at night or some days while I’m cooking dinner I’d prep my breakfast, things like overnight oats, or I even throw an egg into a sauce pan, just in case I forget before bed! That way the next morning I’ll just get up turn it on and it will be cooking away while I get myself ready for the day. The same with porridge, I’ll just throw it in the sauce pan and let it steep overnight.

For my snacks I’ll grab an apple, banana, any fruits really, hard boil eggs, or I’d buy a small bag of nuts and bring them and leave them in work and have them over the week. I have a brilliant lady who brings in healthy bars, balls and treats into the gym twice a week which are fantastic I’ll have those too! I used to do my own but since Liz makes them better (a lot better) than me I have hers! They are available at LOL and can be bought in bulk if you’d like to try them out!!

But that’s my personal way of doing it everyone has different schedules than me so the weekly or every couple of days could suit others.

Remember each meal should be nutritious and balanced, so ¼ protein (poultry/fish), ¼ carbs (brown rice, sweet potato etc) and ½ veggies with some good fats like avocado nuts in small portions, again that differs depending on your goal but generally that would be the norm for weight loss and optimal health. And portion size is essential too. Also cooking with good oils that contain essential fats, coconut oil being one of the best.

For my lunch I have a bowl that I’d throw my leftover dinner into and that is my lunch portion, my dinner plate is slightly bigger. But an average size lunchbox would be good for your lunch If your bringing it in that way.

If your prepping for a few days, prep your snacks too, like hard boiled eggs, throw chicken fillets in the oven and slice them up when they are done, fruits are just so handy to grab. You can buy chopped fruit which is great but what I’d do sometimes is recycle the little container it comes in and chop my own fruits up and bring it in with me. Bags of nuts and seeds (obvs in moderation)! are very handy too.

For dinners its handy to prep veg for a few days, like roasting them, or having it chopped and put into air tight bags or containers, pasta and rice can be made for a few days too and they can be used for lunches also.

I’ll just give you an example of prepping for 4 days. If you boil enough rice for 4 days  (60g un cooked portions or 1/2cup x 4 ) and boil broccoli or roast mixed veg, and cook turkey burgers, chicken fillets, or lean mince burgers. Make up 4 meals with different meat choice’s every day and you could also flavour with different herbs and spices so you’re not bored. All that would take 20 mins max (well a little bit longer for the roast veg!) and you have 4 dinners prepped.

Make sure prep breakfast or have nutritious breakfast as its most important meal and sets you up for good food choices for the day. Always use fresh and natural ingredients.

You can do this it’s not that hard at all plus it will become part of your daily/ weekly routine that you won’t even notice or feel like it’s a chore after a while. Plus the feeling of accomplishment is fantastic knowing you can ‘Prep Like A Boss’!!!!!

Thanking you for reading,

Yvonne Culleton

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