'Knicker-gate' on Celebrity Operation Transformation

'Knicker-gate' on Celebrity Operation Transformation

By Laois psychologist and Operation Transformation expert Dr Eddie Murphy.

Inside Celebrity Operation Transformation – Week 2. Little did I think sitting at the experts table that a knickers would be thrown.

Steady on now, it was thrown at Karl.

Triona and Karl had a difference on their view of spanx, more of that later.

All in all a great week. Four of the leaders hit their target and Triona went up ½ a pound associated with fashion week in New York.

Mary Byrne, 57

Mary is such an honest person and this week I do some work with Mary in the area of hoarding and anxiety management.

But what a difference a week makes. Mary hobbled in with two sticks and this week as her legs are stronger, her gait, walking and posture has significantly improved.

Mary’s home was a no-go zone for friends and her manager as she has a problem with hoarding.

This is associated with ‘holding on’ to things ‘just in case’. Anxiety was also linked to this hoarding.

Now the worst thing that can be done is a crew come in and doing a clean-up without understanding what are the causes in the first place.

Mary has started to declutter using the ‘DUMP, DONATE, KEEP’ rule. I have encouraged her to keep a memory box of items associated with her mother and father.

She is on a roll at a half hour a day her house is transforming to a place of wellness.

Getting your environment right is critical to your health and wellness. Does your home, garden, work space, noursish you? If not, get moving.

Finally, Mary said I have lovely brown eyes!

Kayleigh Cullinan, 21

This was a breakthrough week for Kayleigh who has now got into the 19st catagory. Hopefully she can never see 20st again. She is doine intense workouts and overcoming panic attacks using the abdominal breathing method 'in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 and out for 4'.

This is something that could be taught throughout the school system. I am concerned about the level of general activity that Kayleigh does. I honestly don’t think it’s enough.

I also am very curious about understanding Kayleigh's life plan. Does she not engage as a result of her traumatic past (beaten up) or a lack of plan for the future?

I will be doing a life coaching session to determine short, medium and long term goals, I call these ‘Future Mapping Sessions’.

I have done this with many clients and with such an intervention life has changed. Kayleigh as the youngest leader has the best opportunity for change.

I just hope that Celeb OT can deliver some of those skills and motivation so Keyleigh can effect change for the rest of her life.

James Patrice, 28

James is a social media blogger and influencer. My mother asked me what’s that?

I tried to explain through social media Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook James communicates to hundreds of thousands of people.

What came through this week is how James is a natural leader and that he has the opportunity to help many by logging his journey towards health.

For the first time on the weigh-in I saw that by taking clothes off and confronting his own body, that James has moved towards more acceptance of his scoliosis, something he normally hid from.

He was always in battle with his body; had meningitis, has scoliosis and now has a leg ulcer – called Ursula!

He is a funny witty guy who has brought great energy to this operation transformation series.

Indeed James has shown that losing weight and getting well can be fun not hardship. It’s a matter of attitude.

Gary O’Hanlon, 39

Gary and I share one thing; we both get ‘Hangry’ that is angry when we are hungry.

The link between food and mood is critical for us all to understand. Do you eat when you are stressed?

Understanding this link to mood is key to tackling emotional eating.

He is so passionate about cooking, it is incredible. I would love Gary to be equally passionate about his health.

With his high stress lifestyle, intensity of work, Type A personality style of ‘wanting to do more in less and less time’, and abdominal weight, he is at risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

His motivation is to be around for his children. Finally his other challenge is listening!

Triona McCarthy, 44

Triona threw her knickers at Karl, now there is a first for OT weight-ins. What’s next?

Triona's trip to New York fashion week tripped her up, fluid retention associated with the flight caused a 1/2 lb increase.

She is fun and feisty I like that but there is a risk that with all the other leaders hitting and exceeding their target that ‘Party McCarthy’ might get demotivated and give up.

I think Triona, if she wants this, can do it.

Another area for Triona is in the area of reward/ punishment and how here is a family conversations and dynamics around chocolate.

Her children are Maxi 4yrs & Mini 2yrs.

One of the key principals is understanding how do we get the behaviour we want (reward) not using chocolate and instead using social rewards, smiles, praise, hugs, touch rather than treat rewards.

A big week, I predict a tough week next week as the novelty wears off.

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