Soothe the skin irritation of scabies with dermal cream

In the Leinster Express’ medical column, Dr Ashfaq Ahmad of the Kilminchy Medical Centre dispenses invaluable advice on a host of conditions and ailments.

Dr Ashfaq Ahmad


Dr Ashfaq Ahmad

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Dr Ashfaq Ahmad, dispensing medical advice in the Leinster Express' new column.

This week, how to treat the discomfort and pain of the contagious skin infestation, scabies.

The best treatment for the irritation of scabies is Lyclear dermal cream. Here is the recommended usage and dosage for adults:

  • Apply Lyclear cream to the whole body excluding the head. Face and scalp may need to be treated in children under two years old. Pay particular attention to the following areas: in between the fingers and toes; wrists; axillae; external genitalia; buttocks; under finger and toe nails.
  • Use up to one tube in total.
  • Ensure the skin is dry and cool before applying the cream.
  • The whole body should be washed 8-24 hours later.
  • If the hands are washed after treatment then Lyclear should be re-applied to the hands.

Use calamine lotion for any residual itch.

For children, apply Lyclear to the whole body including the head avoiding the eyes and around the mouth.

For ages two months up to one year of age, use up to 1/8 of a tube. For one year up to five years, use up to 1/4 of a tube. For five to 12 years of age, use up to 1/2 of a tube. And for 12 years of age upwards, use up to one tube.

Your doctor may recommend a second application five days after the first treatment. The majority of infections are cleaned with one application.

Note, that everybody living in the house needs to be treated at the same time, regardless of whether they are itching or not.

Anything else that worries you, contact your doctor within 24 hours.