Get celebrity style brows at On Fleek beauty salon in Laois

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Express Reporter

Get celebrity style brows with luxe Sumita products at On Fleek beauty salon in Laois

Get celebrity style brows with luxe Sumita products at On Fleek beauty salon in Laois

Celebrity Style Eye and Brow Artistry in Laois

On Fleek Beauty Salon, Laois Talks Brow & Eye Trends for AW17

Celebrities like Beyoncé and Hilary Duff are leading the AW17 beauty trends as eyes and brows continue to make a powerful fashion forward statement, according to top Laois beauty salon, On Fleek.

“Forget about in-your-face Instagram brows. Overly coloured, overly dark, or just plain over-the-top brows are now last season. Instead, AW17 sees brows getting real – it’s all about a return to more natural-looking, full yet more subtly arched brows.”   

Sumita Eye and Brow Artistry is a trailblazing, all-about-eyes brand recently arrived in the On Fleek beauty salon in Portarlington.

Providing both in-salon treatments and a clever edit of best in class, luxe eye and brow products including award winning, brow pencils, powders, mascaras and brushes.

Salon Owner, Emma Fitzpatrick says:

“Eyebrows really matter. Whether you prefer a natural face or full make up, brows are the frame that hold it all together, giving your face both structure and balance.

“A more sophisticated brow is emerging this season, which shows up the exaggerated arches seen all over Instagram. As far as colour is concerned, the rule is go one shade lighter than your natural hair colour.

“Achieving beautiful eyes starts with having the right products.

"Sumita’s line up of luxury formulation eye and brow essentials, transforms even the most unruly, sparse or over-plucked brows into outstanding, perfect arches to suit your individual face shape and colour.”

“We would advise clients to book now for the Sumita eye and brow make over.  Products from the Sumita range are also available to buy at the salon,” she said. 

Sumita Brow Pencil RRP €21

Sumita Brow Highlighter RRP €21

Sumita Centre Stage Mascara RRP €25

Sumita Gel Eye Liner RRP €21

Sumita VIP Box RRP €79

Discover Sumita at ● On Fleek Beauty Salon, Kilnacourt, Portarlington, Laois (087) 097 5481 @onfleekblowdrybar