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Find practical answers to real-life situations on, the one and only official EU website that answers all your questions about Travel, Work and Retirement, Vehicles, Residence Formalities, Education and Youth, Health, Family and Consumers shopping or doing business in the European Union.

From consumer rights online, to how to set up a bank account or make tax returns in another EU country or how to use your Irish driving license in the EU, it's all there.

It's practical information presented in a jargon-free, easy-to-read way. Your Europe centralises all the information on EU rights in one place, for citizens looking for help, or for cross-border businesses who want to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and red tape.

Check Your Europe before you leave on holiday, before moving abroad, before your son / daughter starts university in another EU country and whenever you are not sure of your rights. Enter a keyword in the search box and you should find the answer to your question in just a few clicks.

You'll also find all the national contact points on any given topic, as well as helpful links for more in-depth information."

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