Weight loss : Lisa loses over seven stone and finds her life again

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Lisa Hunter lost an amazing 7 stone 5 lb and has regained her life again.

Lisa Hunter lost an amazing 7 stone 5 lb weight and has regained her life again. Over two years ago Lisa’s life was a lot different than it is today.

She recalls how she felt when her son was born and was told she needed to have a small operation.

“ I was shocked to see that my weight had crept up and I weighed in at nearly 18 stone. My doctor told me that I had to lose weight before I could have the surgery, I was just so embarrassed that I had let myself get this heavy,” she said.

This was a tough time for Lisa as she felt so low and didn’t want to go out in public, she often pretended she was sick to avoid the embarrassment of going to parties or any social occasion. She felt so self-conscious and wore baggy clothes to try and hide the weight.

Lisa decided she needed to do something so she decided she would join a gym.

“This was the start of my journey and I started to feel a bit better, but I still felt that I needed something else, as the weight wasn’t coming off as much as I wanted” Lisa recalls.


One day while Lisa was coming out from her local gym she saw a sign for a slimming group with lots of people going in. She decided she might give it a go as she had nothing to lose, except the weight.

Lisa walked through the doors of her Slimming World group on a Tuesday night and she told us how she felt on that very first night.

“I was so nervous and conscious, I  thought that I would be the biggest person there, but to my surprise, I felt relaxed as I was greeted by the lovely consultant Ingrid and made to feel very welcomed.

"I couldn’t believe the buzz and excitement in the room, and when I heard all the lovely food I could eat I was sold. Pasta! potatoes! spaghetti bolognese! this seemed too good to be true,” she said.

Lisa went on to lose over 7 stone with Slimming World and she now feels so confident with her new image, she loves her new lifestyle of healthy eating alongside her exercise. She has more energy for her kids and going out in public is no longer an issue.

She loves all the food that she can eat and never feels hunger, plus her family eats all the same food and they enjoy every morsel.

"Some of our family favorites are chicken curry, lasagna, and our lovely Sunday roast,” says Lisa smacking her lips with a smile.

Lisa loves Slimming World so much that she has decided to go on to be a consultant herself. She wants to help people, not only to shed the weight but also to lift the burden of shame and guilt that is associated with it.

“I know all those emotions all too well, but I also know that with the help and support of a group that anything is possible and I am living proof. I can’t wait to help and support people to feel the same as I do now, and I look forward to sharing my expertise to change lives for the better,” says Lisa.

Lisa will be relaunching the Monsterevin group on Thursday 4th Jan. For more details contact Lisa on 085-1121359