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'Packed lunches are a royal pain in the ass'

'Packed lunches are a royal pain in the ass'

The summer holidays can be trying for parents. Kids these days want to be entertained, they want to be busy while the mammies and daddies are used to having them out getting an education for half the day.

However, ask any parent of school going children what their favourite thing about the summer holidays are, I can guarantee you they will all answer with - not having to make packed lunches.

I don’t know what it is about packed lunches but they are a royal pain in the ass for us parents! It’s not as if we don’t give our children lunch when they are off school but putting it on a plate rather than in a lunchbox makes all the difference.

Aidan is mad in to ham and cheese sandwiches and ham and cheese wraps. He brought them to school every day and he has them at home every day.

Making and putting a ham and cheese sandwich on a plate is such a more pleasant experience rather than wrapping it in tinfoil and squashing it into a lunchbox. Believe me, there is a difference.

First up when you’re making lunch at home during the school holidays you’re normally not under any pressure time wise.

During school time, it's a totally different kettle of fish altogether. It is for me anyway. I have the pair of them roaring at me to get their breakfasts as I attempt to butter the bread.

They are shouting at me for drinks. One of them may need their arse wiped in the middle of it. Then there’s the argument of what they do and don’t want in their lunchboxes.

God knows what might happen when I’m in the middle of making the school lunches.

There’s a lot of seemingly mundane, everyday tasks that tend to tip parents over the edge. Or perhaps it’s just me!

Getting Aidan and Sarah a drink of water is one of them. No, not because I’m trying to dehydrate them but because they always wait until the wrong time to ask.

They wouldn’t ask me for a drink when I’m standing beside the sink. No, the wait until I’ve made and served up dinner for everyone and just sat down to eat my own before they ask.

Or they wait until I’ve just left a shop, buckled them into their car seats and taken off before declaring they are going to die of thirst! What is it with kids, eh?

The same goes for the toilet actually. Again, we could be in a shopping centre for example, leave and just on the journey home when one or both of them tell me their bladder just may be about to explode.

Or something Sarah loves to do is push my buttons over breakfast particularly during school time when I’m rushing; surprise, surprise.

Every single morning I ask her what she wants for breakfast. I give her the choice of porridge or cornflakes because that’s normally all she has. She’ll answer with one or the other of which I will serve up.

It’s only then that she announces she was mistaken and wants the other. Your heart would be broken.

Sarah has a great habit of changing her mind at the wrong time. She’ll often go in to a shop, scan the shelves and pick what she wants.

I’ll pay for it and she’ll open the treat and then decide she wants what her brother has. He finds great joy in taunting her with his treat then which makes the whole situation ten times worse.

So put it this way, everyday tasks with kids rarely go to plan. Making lunches turns into a pain in the ass. Going to the shop for a treat can be a nightmare. So too can breakfast and a simple drive anywhere.

As my mother keeps reminding me though, it’s what I signed up for when I decided to have kids and I agree.

But sure I have to be able to moan about the frustration of it all from time to time, right?

Jaysus, if I didn’t I might just lose it altogether.

So all hail the school holidays for the non making of packed lunches.

Now if I just stop bringing them to the shop, in the car and stop giving them breakfast I’d be full of peace, love and harmony!

Until next week folks!

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