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Dr Eddie Murphy: Tips to keep your own battery fully charged

Dr Eddie Murphy: Tips to keep your own battery fully charged

Is your battery full on Monday, depleting by Wednesday and empty by Thursday ? Why do we take more care to power our phones than ourselves?

We have all been there, you think your phone was charging all night, to find you hadn’t flicked on the power. You immediately accept it is not going to function, or you’ll have limited usage until your next charging opportunity. Yet when it comes to our bodies we push on, potentially until stress, exhaustion, or burnout.

I am convinced that people who are continually in stress or overworked, either by choice or not, will eventually succumb. Illness always catches up, and the person is forced to reprioritise.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if we are able to manage our energy levels so that we can thrive rather than survive?

5 Tips to top up your Battery

1. Sleep; Sleep is the quickest win to your emotional health and a fully charged battery. Ireland is a sleep deprived nation. In general we are not getting to bed early enough or getting enough quality sleep. Too often the mobile phone is in the bedroom. Invest in an old-fashion alarm clock.

2. Exercise; As paradoxical as it sounds the more you exercise the more energy you actually self-generate. Often the issue is motivation, or planning the right time to do activity. For me I am a poor trainer on my own, but when I get out with the athletic club jogging around the chat and social element keeps me going.

3. Savour moments -- Be Mindful: Each morning when you wake up (before you check your phone), notice your breath and take two or three long deep breaths in and out. Throughout your day, do this whenever you think of it. It calms down the fight or flight stress response and allows the adrenaline to drain from the body, thus not wearing the body out as much.

4. Real To-Do List: Making an unrealistic list of everything you have to get done in one day and then attempting to reach those goals will lead to huge frustration and a feeling of failure. This also wears down the ‘battery.’ Make a list that is realistic and therefore you will reach some if not all of your goals in that day as best you can. This will not only conserve your battery life, it will actually give you some energy!

5. Call in Help; If you are struggling admit it. Its OK we all struggle. Why is it that we feel we must wear the ‘mask of perfection’ and never admit we are struggling?! If you feel overwhelmed, share it with a family, colleague, or friend.

You would be amazed at how much better you will feel if you face the problem and amazed at how much energy you will save from this issue just being addressed. When asked for help I know few people who say no, and if they do then are they really your friend.

Remember, your battery life is your life and you only have one of those! We are what we do on a daily basis so check-in with yourself right now on what it is you do and if you need to add or subtract from it, then that could make all the difference to keeping your battery life a little healthier than usual.

We all want to do a lot in our lives, yet our bodies and brains, only have a finite daily resource. So, as you stick your phone on charge for the night (ideally not right under your pillow), just remember to keep an eye on your own battery life too.

Lao Tzu — “The flame that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.”

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