Operation Transformation wants you to be a leader but the deadline is looming

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Operation Transformtion diet

Kathryn Thomas

Operation Transformation is taking a 20/20 vision to health in the new year and the deadline is nearing in the search for new leaders to take up the mantle and inspire the nation in 2020.

 Vision Independent Productions, the producers of the RTÉ show say presenter Kathryn Thomas is back to spearhead the latest campaign to get the nation moving.

"Once again, we are encouraging the Irish public to get up, get active and get healthy. Over the course of the 8-week show, we’ll be giving the nation the tools they need to get moving, lose weight and feel great," said the producers.

The application deadline is soon approaching to become a part of the big Operation Transformation journey, as a nationwide search gets underway to find the next five brave new leaders to inspire the country to health and wellness in 2020. 

So, if you think the time is right for you to turn your life around and make it YOUR year to get fit and healthy, then now is the time to apply.

Apply via link - https://submit.link/dVNOH