Josephine told, not tonight... nor any night in near future

Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine.

Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine.

To the Empress, at Mentz.

Warsaw, January 18, 1807

I fear that you are very much grieved by the necessity of your return to Paris, and our separation, which must yet be prolonged for a few weeks.

Do show more firmness. I understand that you are continually weeping. Fie! This is very bad. Your letter of the 7th of January has vexed me. Be worthy of me and show more spirit. When you are in Paris, live in a way suited to your dignity; and, above all, make yourself happy.

I am very well, and I love you dearly. But if you continue to grieve, I shall think you devoid of courage; and you know I do not love cowards. An Empress should possess spirit.

January 23, 1807

I have received your letter of the 15th January. It is impossible that I can consent to the journey you propose through these muddy and unsafe roads. Return to Paris. Be cheerful and contented. I shall probably be there shortly. I could not help laughing at that part of your letter in which you tell me that you married your husband to live with him. I thought, in my ignorance, that the wife was made for the husband, the husband for his country, his family, and glory. Pardon my ignorance! but you ladies are always teaching me something.