Monster trucks are making ‘graveyards of our roads’

July, 1964.

July, 1964.

In recent weeks there has been an appalling rise in the number of fatal road accidents, especially those involving heavy vehicles. The public are alarmed at such happenings, and there is much justification for such concern. The question has been posed, is there an alternative to allowing very heavy vehicles on our roads?

It is realised that strict regulations apply to the use of heavy vehicles under the Road Traffic Act, but the almost continual list of accidents which involve heavy motor transport prompts us to ask is there an alternative to the increasing volume of trains.

It has been commented on in recent times that there is a great potential danger in populated areas where heavy bulk machinery is carried through narrow streets: the vibration of the trucks alone is slowly causing damage to many.

There is another aspect of the problem which also deserves attention - our railways are not paying their way, and in this respect quite a big amount of the present road traffic could be transferred for delivery to centres where heavy vehicles would have to make only short journeys to the delivery point.

The suggestions are made because of the appalling increase in fatal accidents concerning such traffic. It is accepted that the problem is a big one, but if we are not to make graveyards of our roads something will have to be done as soon as possible.

Were one of those monster trucks to overturn there would be a public uproar.