Historic film to be shown for the first time in Port cinema

January 18, 1964.

January 18, 1964.

A film made in 1921, showing the exhuming of human skeletons at Ballynowlart Churchyard, and the loading at the canal, Rathangan, of a consignment of turf from the parish of Clonbullogue for America, will be shown on Sunday at 7.30pm at the Savoy Cinema, Portarlington.

In 1917, when the curate of the parish, the late Father Michael Kennedy, afterwards PP of Killeigh, has the skeletons exhumed, this confirmed the local suspicion that the church and congregation had been burned 300 years before.

The skeletons were brought to Bracknagh Church and kept there until about 1925, when Fr Kennedy’s predecessor, the late Fr James Breen, late PP of Paulstown, had been interred in the church grounds at Bracknagh.

The film is a vivid portrayal of the events and also of the loading of turf at Rathangan. It recalls, also, the driving of cattle off the Ballynowlart estate. Hundreds of the local people are seen in action, as well as the priests of the period.

The film, it is believed, is being shown for the first time in an effort to have all the people who took part in these events identified. The survivors of the events, the relatives and friends of those who took part them are invited to be present.

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While every noteworthy progress has been made in the revival movement, the schools alone cannot restore the national tongue as the vernacular.

This was stated in the report issued last week by the Special Commission on the restoration of the Irish language. The absolute restoration will be retarded as long as the practical use of the language is not encouraged after school days, and when studies are over.