California calling Mountmellick in quest for history

March 1964.

March 1964.

Letters from two Californian residents requesting information on relatives in the Mountmellick area have been received by the town clerk, Miss M. Williams.

“The only people who could give assistance in this regard is the press,” said Mr B. White when the letters were read at Thursday’s meeting of the Town Commission.

Mr O.J. Flanagan suggested they ask people with any of the necessary information to communicate with Miss Williams.

Mr Robert E. Reed, 928 Melville Road, Garberville, California, was checking on his family genealogy and would appreciate any assistance. He said before July 1837, his great great grandparents George Langford and Jane (Dickenson) Langford left Mountmellick with two small daughters, Ann Jane and Elizabeth, to come to America.

Mr Reed would be interested in receiving certified copies of the marriage certificate of George and Jane Langford (around 1830 - 31), and the birth certificate of Jane Dickinson (July 12, 1810).

The second was from Mrs Morton J. Lyster, 99 S. Raymond St, Pasadena, California. She inquired if there were residents in the area by the name of Lyster or Lister. She had records of her husband’s great-grandfather who was born in Clonaslee in 1872 and married Mary Sixsmith, also a native of Clonaslee, in 1918. They emigrated to Durham, Canada, in 1831. He was a chandler by trade. She also asked for information about the Carter family who also emigrated to Canada.

Her husband’s father, William Hamilton Lyster, married Cynthia Carthy, who was born in St Armand, Canada. With her daughter, Mrs Lyster contemplates a trip to Ireland in May.