Why Motivation is life changing

A unique approach to weight loss focusing not just on what you eat, but why

A unique approach to weight loss focusing not just on what you eat, but why

What surprises many people who turn to Motivation Weight Management to help them lose weight is what the programme is not. It’s not about calorie counting, it’s not a fad diet and it’s not like any other weight management concept out there.

Motivation is a life-changing programme that works by focusing not on what people eat, but why. It offers a personalised, tailor-made plan with private consultations and for those who reach their target weight, the Maintenance Programme helps to keep them there. This programme is so effective, a clinical study showed a success rate of 86% (those who remain at their target weight after four years), far surpassing conventional programmes whose typical results languish at just 5 to 6%.

What gives Motivation such a clear advantage over other weight loss programmes is its tried and tested, one-to-one approach that unravels the root causes of poor eating habits and empowers individuals to overcome emotional or other obstacles getting in the way of their weight loss success.

As Therese Young who lost 14 stone – and, more importantly, kept it off – explains, “I had been to numerous health farms and tried weight support groups, which I perceived as a constant cycle of losing a few pounds and being allowed to have a ‘treat’ as a reward. These previous attempts were, for me, synonymous with privation and the constant torment of calorie counting, which seemed to consume any tiny amount of motivation I might have had to start with.”

When she agreed to join Motivation with her sister, she decided to embrace the challenge wholeheartedly. Over a period of 18 months, she went from 26 stone to 12 stone and hasn’t looked back since.

“My life has changed,” she says. “I can’t believe how much energy I have now, my self-confidence has improved, I enjoy exercising and, to my utmost joy, I can buy clothes that not only look great but make me feel fabulous. I don’t feel I need to validate this programme, as for me, the results speak volumes for themselves.”

Therese is one of many people who set out to lose weight and discovered some life-changing benefits on their journey with Motivation. Not all have quite so much to lose, but everybody has much to gain.

For Susan Dunlea, putting up a couple of dress sizes was the inspiration to join Motivation. “I had tried other forms of weight loss, but they always fell by the wayside as I didn’t have the right mental attitude,” she says. “With Motivation I realised I had a lot of work to do myself. I started to make the right choices.”

Having lost two stone, Susan reached her target weight and now, she says, “I feel very positive about everything in my life.”

As Therese, Susan and others on the Motivation programme have discovered, everybody has the power to lose weight and keep it off. Like anything worthwhile, it doesn’t happen overnight. Some weight loss plans rely on strict eating regimes, others limit the foods you eat, even prohibiting entire food groups your body needs for healthy living, and others promise rapid results, but once you stop, the weight often returns, with a few extra pounds for good measure.

These diets don’t tackle the underlying issues around why you make the choices you make. It takes time to change the habits of a lifetime, but you can count on Motivation to stick with you every step of the way as you lose weight for the long term and ultimately, take back control of your life.

For the month of August, all assessment consultations will cost €12.50 (50% off)