Futuristic Citroen DS5 very good

New Citroen DS5 Futuristic And Very Good!

New Citroen DS5 Futuristic And Very Good!

Road tested by Hugh Maguire.

Citroen are well known for producing individual and distinctive cars that often break the mould. As far back as the famous Citroen 2CV they were making cars that were trend setters rather than trend followers. So it is with the new DS5.

The DS5 is a family car, with 5 doors, a very distinctive style and a host of innovative technologies, with power from a range of diesel units as well as a diesel Hybrid.

First Impressions.

Well it is certainly going to be a trend setter. The sleek elegant lines, accentuated by numerous detail design touches, from the judicious use of chrome trim to the shape of the light clusters and the twin rear exhaust pipes make for a dramatic looking car.

A fact born out by the many people who stopped to admire this Avant-Garde looking new car.

There are three trim levels, DSIGN, DSTYLE, and DSPORT. This weeks test car is the DS5 DSTYLE powered by Citroens 2.0 litre HDi diesel.

Behind The Wheel.

They say a picture paints a thousand words and so it is with the new DS5. It is hard to describe! The interior is designed with an aeronautical theme, with a “cockpit-like” layout. The centre console boasts numerous toggle switches and even the overhead panel in the roof houses some more toggle switches, all very aircraft-like.

The whole theme not only looks very well but works very well indeed.

The numerous switches take a little bit of learning but you soon become familiar with what each one does.

Standard equipment is simply superb. I really cannot list everything here but a few highlights include, Bluetooth, Voice activation, auto everything from lights to wipers, three part glass roof panels with electric blinds, cruise control, keyless entry and start, Citroen eTouch emergency assistance system, eMyWay navigation system and reversing camera, as well as a host of safety systems, from multiple airbags to EBD, ESP, EBA, (a Euro NCAP 5 star safety rating), stunning alloy wheels, Mistral Claude leather upholstery, and so much more. This car comes very well equipped indeed and it is safe to say you will want for nothing. It has all the goodies.


The 2.0 litre direct injection turbo diesel engine produces some 160 bhp and is mated to a very nice 6-speed manual gearbox.

The combination works well and gives the new DS5 plenty of get up and go. On paper Citroen claim a top speed of 215km/h and a zero to 100km time of 8.5 seconds, but in reality it feels even livelier than those figures suggest.

There is plenty of mid range urge and it proves a refined motorway cruiser.

With the buzzwords of economy and emissions these days the DS5 scores well here too, consuming just 6.1 litres of diesel per 100km over my road test with emissions of just 133g of C02 it falls into tax band B.

Road Behaviour.

The sporting overtones of the new DS5 is highlighted by a suspension set-up that is firmer than most would expect from a Citroen. I was frankly dissapointed by the harsh ride quality which I could best describe to you as not unlike driving a car with tyres that are overinflated. The DS5 suspension works well overall but on less smooth surfaces it does seem to transmit every road irregularity into the cabin, which is a shame in an otherwise lovely car.

The handling is surefooted and confidence insoiring and refinement levels are high. This is a very quiet car in which to travel.


The new Citroen DS5 range kicks off with the DSIGN HDi 160 bhp manual at €33,600. The DSTYLE as tested here costs €36,400 while the top of the range DSPORT costs €39,300.

In summary, if you are looking for a beautifully designed, well equipped, well built car that breaks the mould somewhat while offering practical family or business user transport then the new and Avant-Garde looking DS5 may be for you.

I really liked this newcomer and it deserves to do well.