Times Past - Sept 27, 1913

Before Mr Joe Bannan, CTC, at Maryborough Town Court last Tuesday.

Before Mr Joe Bannan, CTC, at Maryborough Town Court last Tuesday.

Mary Anne McEvoy, Lyster’s Lane, who did not appear, was summonsed for being guilty of riotous behaviour on September 17.

Acting Sergeant Haughton said that the woman’s conduct was unbearable. People in Lyster’s Lane were making terrible complaints about the conduct of herself and her husband. Their children were very bad with the measles. She was neglecting her children. She goes round the town night and day. Her husband would call at the barrack to make a complaint about her, and then he would come again and ask not to have her arrested, or to do anything to her. He is a complete nuisance himself.

His Worship: I don’t think the woman should be at large at all. It was a mistake to let her out of where she was.

Sergeant O’Sullivan: The only remedy is to send her back to jail, and if there is anything wrong with her mind the prison authorities can send her back to the place she was.

His Worship: I will have to put a stop to this conduct; 40s or a month.

A strikette

We’ll strike against long lessons, said the scholars in a bunch.

We’ll strike for shorter hours and we’ll strike for bigger lunch.

But it didn’t “strike” the fathers, and the mothers, thus, they say,

So they struck the little strikers in the good old fashioned way.

Donkey show

At the Square, Bandon, a well organised and successful show of working donkeys was held in connection with the All Ireland Donkey Protection Society. About 40 of these animals were entered.