Big appetites and nursery fashions for a woman in London

February 11, 1939.

February 11, 1939.

Latest reports from Paris seem to suggest that the moguls of fashion are out to do their best to make us all look about 17 years of age.

By a clever adaptation of mediaeval gowns and dresses the illusion of extreme youth is being fostered. Crinolines with low-cut bodies are being adapted for evening wear.

But even more startling for beach wear are the lovely Spanish shawls worn over puffed sleeved dresses with neatly cut shorts.

Waistcoats that would have aroused the envy of Beau Brummel are another of the fashions that Paris is planning to spring on London. They are made of soft materials in gay colours. To add charm to these costumes a lavish case is being made of furs, with fox, ocelot and nutria the most popular.

To enhance the youth of the modern wearer another popular fashion will be early days after the war. These skirts are to be worn with very elaborate belts decorated with gold and silver encrusted medallions.

So if you want to be smart, you will have to be prepared to wear “semi nursery” fashions again, or at the best fancy dress.

* * *

It is amazing how much some of the young lovelies with streamlined figures manage to eat without interfering with their svelte lines.

Lunching the other day I watched with amazement a slim young thing manage a plate of thick soup, followed by a generous helping of sole bonne femme and finished off by a large and succulent steak lavishly garnished with vegetables, and then I watched her eyes turn towards a trolley loaded with gateaux.

There nothing in unusual in this, for girls today rely on exercise rather than frugal feeding for their figures.