Dismal state of dirty old Portlaoise town

June 27, 1964.

June 27, 1964.

A member of a well known Portlaoise commercial concern has expressed dismay at the state the streets are left in. On Sunday evening when a large number of visitors stayed for hours in the town they strongly commented on the manner in which sweet papers etc were allowed to accumulate on the streets.

This comment caused the local business person to say that the scavenging workers were not to blame, but that it was a number of shopowners who carelessly sweep litter onto the streets. Another aspect which was also mentioned was that the refuse was being blown in front of business premises which are always kept spotlessly clean.

A tour of the streets on Sunday evening brought to light the following undisputable facts: Some premises never seem to asist in the Tidy Towns campaign, but if there never was such a scheme it should be a matter for personal pride in the town that it should present a clean and proper appearance. Some people have not clear consciences in this respect.

Perhaps the time will come when all offenders will have to be named and shamed.