Bible burning parish priest of Ballinasloe stokes up outrage

June 28, 1834.

June 28, 1834.

Permit me, through the medium of your valuable journal, to inform the public, and his grace the Archbishop of Dublin amongst the rest, that burning the book of God is not confined to a solitary instance in this now priest-ridden land.

The parish priest of Ballinasloe, in the diocese of Clonfert, lately attended a man named Patrick Lyons in his dying moments. A few hours previously to Lyons’ death he was visited by this priest, who, upon his quitting the death-bed of the poor man, found an Irish bible on the dresser in the kitchen, which he took, and having opened the fire with a pair of tongs, deliberately laid the volume of eternal truth upon the blazing coals and walked out of the house without saying a word.

Immediately the sick man’s son, who witnessed what had been done, ran into the room exclaiming, “Oh, daddy, daddy, Father Dillon threw my bible into the fire, come and take it out if you can.”

But the poor weak man was unable to move himself from where he lay. At length a woman, named Molly Kelly or Carter, came in and took what remained of the cover of the bible out of the flames.

I shall refrain from making any comment upon this case, further than to remark that if Lord Plunket’s lambs be not timely checked in their anti-Christian career, they will, ere long, burn the readers as well as the bibles.

I have the honour to be,

An Old Protestant.