Court hears ass wasn’t pinched, it was just swapped for another

November, 1964.

November, 1964.

At Mountrath District Court last week, when a man with no fixed abode appeared charged with the larceny of a donkey, the defendant said that it was all a mistake as he did not steal the ass but swapped if for one of his own.

In the course of evidence, Garda J. Spillane told Supt T. Goulding, Portlaoise, that the ass which the defendant left instead of the one alleged to be stolen was, according to the witness, “seemingly on the way out”.

When charged, the defendant told Justice W. Sweetman that, “I did not ‘stale’ the ass, I only swapped it.”

Garda Spillane said that on receipt of a complaint from the injured party, he went to Derrin Cross, Borris-in-Ossory, where he interviewed the defendant who had a fairly young ass which was neither one colour nor another.

The defendant said the ass was in a field and he swapped it for another near Castletown. The other animal, said the witness, was left instead of the young animal and was, in his opinion, “on the way out”.