The Star - a short stori prezentd in eezi tu reed speling

January 10, 1914.

January 10, 1914.

The Star

By H.G. Wells

In simplified speling with the permshon ov the author

And the streets and houzez were aliet in aul the sitiz, the shipyardz glaird, and whotever roedz led tu hie cuntri wer lit and crouded aul niet long. And in aul the seez about the siviliezd landz, ships with throbing enjinz, and ships with beliing sailz, crouded with men and living crectyurz, were standing out tu oeshan and the north.

For aulredi the worning ov the maaster mathematishan had been telegraaft aul oever the wurld and translaited intu a hundred tungz. The nyu planet and Neptune, loct in a fieri embrais, wer whurling hedlong, ever faaster and faaster tordz the sun.

Aulredi everi second this blaizing mas fluu a hundred mielz, and everi second its terific velositi increest. Az it fluu nou, indeed, it must paas a hundred milion ov mielz wied ov the urth and scairsli afect it. But neer its destind paath, az yet oenli slietil perturbd, spun the mieti planet Jupiter and his muunz sweeping splendid round the sun.

Everi moement nou the atracshon between the fieri star and the graitest ov the planets gruu stronger. And the rezult ov that atracshon? Inevitabli Jupiter wood be deflected from its orbit intu an eliptical paath, and the burning star, swung bi hiz atracshon wied ov its sunwerd rush, wood paas veri cloes tu our urth.

(An extract)