Burglars escape shop by bluff

March 14, 1914.

March 14, 1914.

Just after 8pm on Saturday morning a boy employed by Alexander the Great Tailor arrived outside the shop in the Strand, London. While he waited for an employee who had the key, he was amazed to see a man emerge from a window on the first floor and climb to a balcony over the shop.

The man asked indignantly how much longer he was to be kept there. He had, he exclaimed, been locked in all night. Then he unrolled a length of cloth and so let himself down to the street.

A second man from the balcony swiftly joined his fellow on the pavement and together they berated the boy. They were very convincing, and with a final reprimand they departed towards Villiers Street, leaving a perplexed boy behind them.

The boy became suspicious and followed them down Villiers Street, but they disappeared. When the boy returned to the office and the man arrived with the key suspicion became certainty. The burglars had enjoyed a hearty tea in the office of the Protestant Alliance on the second floor, and in the basement were also the remains of an excellent meal. They must have had confederates outside the building, as a large number of garments had been taken away.

* * *

At Newtownmore the body of Mrs Williamson, china merchant, was found floating in the River Spey, and the body of her grandson, Alexander Williamson, six years of age, was found the same day by the village constable on the golf course.

Mrs Williamson left her home in Newtownmore some days ago on a visit to her daughter in Inverness. She left Inverness for Newtownmore by train on Wednesday evening, taking her grandson with her. The night being dark, on her arrival at Newtownmore it is surmised that the old lady mistook her way and went through the golf course towards the river, and fell in.

The boy must have wandered around until he was exhausted and lay down and died from exposure.