Dumping at New Rd Portlaoise ‘a shame’ says town councillor

March 7, 1964.

March 7, 1964.

Wrongful dumping of refuse of any description was strongly condemned at the Portlaoise Town Commission meeting on Monday night.

Mr Jerry Lodge said that at a site near the New Road, thousands of bookies dockets had been strewn all over the place. That was a shame. Mr M Scully said that there had been unsightly and objectionable dumping which would not help them in the effort in the Tidy Towns competition. At the rear of the New Road district there were many matters that required attention, the place was a mass of weeds.

It is not very wholesome from the point of view of health, said Mr Scully. Dumping had been going on despite the fact that notices had been posted up. It would be a good idea if the river was cleaned, and all the unsightly objects removed.

Mr Lodge said he would agree with Mr Scully, the place should be closed in altogether. The water could be diverted into the river Triogue. However, things are not as bad as they had been. There were no objectionable objects to be seen at the place at the present time. If the water was diverted towards the bridge there could be objections at all. As there were no children at the New Road there was not a playing ground there.

Mr Carroll said that he too would agree with the previous speakers that the place should be cleaned up. However, some people there might have certain water rights and if covered it could have detrimental effects.