A knotty love story and men of war not dressed for action

May 10, 1834.

May 10, 1834.

All for love

A young man of this town attempted to put an end to his existence on Sunday night or Monday morning last, by hanging, in consequence of his friends preventing him joining in the holy banns of matrimony with his first cousin.

He was discovered before the final knot had fully accomplished the ceremony of wedding him to death, and we suppose he will now be permitted to tie a knot with his lips which cannot be loosed with hands.

After being released from his perilous situation, it was considerable time before there were any signs of returning animation.

* * *

Naked soldiers catching cold

We learn from that emporium of happiness, humbug, liberty and filth - Lisbon - that during the late Miguelite demonstration against St Ubes, the soldiers, who were basely put in chains by the Pirate Pedro, volunteered to march out in his defence, but were refused.

Can our reader guess wherefore? Because - risum teneatis amici? - because they “were so insufficiently clothed as to render them liable to catch cold”!

Yet we cannot laugh at this, the whole subject is too revolting, too disgusting.

We hope, for the sake of humanity, Pedro Palmerston and Co, will soon be in a very independent position.