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We have all become used to scrolling through the galleries of photos on our smartphones but what about those much-loved print photographs stashed away in the attic, in a box under the bed or in that “miscellaneous” drawer in the kitchen? Are they destined to be forgotten forever in the digital age?

Well, it’s time to dig them out and show them some love.

We want readers to take a photo of those much-loved print photos and send them to us. Whether it was taken a few years ago on an instant camera or a few decades ago, we want the photo that stands out for you.
It can be from a social event, a landscape shot, a funny pic or even a holiday snap - we want them all. Yes, even those dodgy “look at the state of my hair” debs photos!

Send us your photos
We want you to dust off the golden oldies, take a picture of your old picture and email it to us.
We will feature your pictures in both our print and online editions. In addition to running your images on   and our social media pages we will also carry two pages of your images every week in the Leinster Express

We will run a poll every week and our weekly online readers can vote for their favourite image of the week.
Two winners will go forward every week, leaving six of our readers images going forward to the grand finale with a chance to win our amazing prize package.
The overall winner as voted by the public will win the fantastic prize.

To enter, all you have to do send your photos to  and we will do the rest!
Don’t delay!

This shot is of Ballyfin full forward Louis Duff celebrates with his four month old son Bradley after defeating Arles Killeen in the Senior Football Championship at O'Moore Park on August 24 2019.
When covering Laois Senior Football Championship games as with all others for the Leinster Express I am always on the lookout for that different pic apart from the usual action.

The end of a game can throw up celebrations and disappointment and using a telephoto lens one can pick out those moments.
With Ballyfin having won, in the corner of my eye I saw Bradley being lifted up and passed over the hoardings to Louis who while celebrating with his team mates wanted to share their achievement with his son.

So positioning myself right behind I could see the energy of the moment, the expression of love and joy from Bradley as Louis raised him to share in the victory.

Equipment and settings used: Canon EOS R with battery grip on a Canon 400mm 2.8 IS.
Manual setting of 1/1000 sec at f4 with ISO of 1250. Processed in Lightroom and slight crop left and right to give editor the option of printing wide or upright. Definitely one of my 2019 favourites.

Alf Harvey