Make it a very special Mother's Day by sending the Leinster Express your photos and messages

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Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

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Send us your special Mother's Day messages and photos

There is no-one as special and as loved as a mother, and this year the Leinster Express proudly supported by Telfords and Telfords Electric in Laois wants to help you with the special mother in your life a very happy Mother's Day.

Whether it's a beloved grandmother who you are missing during Covid-19, someone who became a mother for the first time during the pandemic, or someone who has cared for you as a mother would and deserves a big thank you, we want to send your message and photo!

The big day is on Sunday, March 14 so waste no time and get busy choosing a favourite photo or take a new one, write your special message and email us for inclusion in the Leinster Express newspaper and on our website. Send to   Important: Include your full names and where you are from in Laois.