QUIZ #2: Can you list the last 10 Laois hurling managers?

Greg Mulhall


Greg Mulhall


QUIZ #2: Can you list the last 10 Laois hurling managers?

During this difficult time, we all have more hours in the day than normal. So, we here at the Leinster Express have devised a number of quizzes to be rolled out over the coming weeks for our sports fans.

Yesterday, we brought you Round 1 - Match the Laois football great with his club. While we did warn it was a handy one to ease everyone into it, a couple of people got in touch to complain it was too easy. So, we've stepped it up slightly for Round 2. 

Can you name the last ten Laois senior hurling managers below? It's relatively straightforward again, but one or two make take a second stab. It's a slightly different format too, instead of multiple-choice answers you must type the manager's name this time.

Correct spelling is important. And before anyone gives out, full names are required. Let us know how you get on! 

TIP 1: Our beloved 'Cheddar' does indeed have a first name

TIP 2: 'Eamon' can also be spelt 'Eamonn'

TIP 3: 2001-2002 was an odd one, but we've gone with the manager installed at the start of the season