O'Dempsey's and Graiguecullen players top scoring charts after semi-finals

Rory Delaney


Rory Delaney



O'Dempsey's and Graiguecullen players top scoring charts after semi-finals

Míchael Finlay is the top scorer from play. Pic: Denis Byrne.

With just one game left in the 2018 Laois SFC, it looks as though an O'Dempsey's men is going to be the competition's top scorer, regardless of what happens in the final.

Matthew Finlay has been in outstanding form throughout the championship, and he added another three points to his total against Graiguecullen on Sunday.

That has seen him move onto a total of 1-38 from six games, and with the closest Portlaoise player to him being Brian McCormack, who will be suspended for the final, then Finlay has an unassailable lead at the top of the charts.

Players from O'Dempsey's and Graiguecullen appear towards the top of most scoring charts, with Graiguecullen having the unusual distinction of having both the top scoring defender and goalkeeper in the championship.

The full list of updated scorers is as follows.


41 Points
Matthew Finlay (O'Dempsey's) 1-38 (0-20f, 0-3 45S)

34 Points
Gary Walsh (Ballylinan) 1-31 (0-24f, 0-1 45)

26 Points
Evin Keane (The Heath) 2-20 (0-11f)

24 Points
Evan O'Carroll (Crettyard Gaels) 0-24 (0-14f)
Brian 'Bruno' McCormack (Portlaoise) 3-15 (1-0p, 0-5f)

23 Points
Ross Munnelly (Arles-Kilcruise) 1-20 (0-9f)

22 Points
MJ Tierney (Ballyroan Abbey) 2-16 (0-12f)

21 Points
Jamie Parr (Graiguecullen) 0-21 (0-16f)

20 Points
Jody Dillon (Stradbally) 3-11 (1-0p, 0-1f)
Míchael Finlay (O'Dempsey's) 2-14
Brian Byrne (Graiguecullen) 0-20 (0-4f)


20 Points
Míchael Finlay (O'Dempsey's) 2-14

18 Points
Matthew Finlay (O'Dempsey's) 1-15

16 Points
Jody Dillon (Stradbally) 2-10
Brian 'Bruno' McCormack (Portlaoise) 2-10
Brian Byrne (Graiguecullen) 0-16

15 Points
Evin Keane (The Heath) 2-9
Paul Kingston (Arles-Killeen) 3-6

14 Points
Ross Munnelly (Arles-Kilcruise) 1-11
Donie Brennan (Arles-Killeen) 1-11
Mark Barry (O'Dempsey's) 1-11

13 Points
Michael Keogh (St Joseph's) 2-7

12 Points
Cieran Farrell (Ballylinan) 1-9


12 Points
Brian Daly (St Joseph's) 0-12 (0-8 frees)

10 Points
Darren Strong (Emo) 0-10 (0-2 frees, 0-1 45)

7 Points
Donie Kingston (Arles-Killeen) 0-7 (0-6 frees)

5 Points
Kevin Meaney (Arles-Kilcruise) 1-2
Barry Kelly (O'Dempsey's) 0-5


9 Points
Mark Timmons (Graiguecullen) 1-6 (1-0p)

7 Points
Nigel Murphy (Emo) 1-4

6 Points
Colm Begley 1-3 (1-2f, 0-1 45)

3 Points
Adam Ryan (Portarlington) 0-3
Luke Alsybury (Graiguecullen) 0-3

2 Points
Chris Finn (Portlaoise) 0-2
Ciaran Booth (The Heath) 0-2


Danny Bolger (Graiguecullen) 0-11 (0-9fs, 0-2 45s)
Dan Dunne (St Joseph's) 0-4 (0-2f, 0-2 45s)
Conor Gorman (Clonaslee) 1-0 (pen)
Graham Brody (Portlaoise) 0-1 (45)