Sugrue pleased with win but calls for more consistency from Laois

Rory Delaney


Rory Delaney


Sugrue pleased with win but calls for more consistency from Laois

Laois manager John Sugrue.

Laois manager John Sugrue called for more consistency from his team after Sunday's win over Sligo.

Despite scoring 2-18 and securing a second league win, the Kerryman still saw room for improvement from his team. “Yeah, it was ok. We were at home so you would expect a bit of a bounce out of the boys.

“Conditions were reasonably good there today, there was a bit of a wind but it didn't hamper either team playing ball, but this is today.

“We had that for the second half against Down and then we let ourselved down in Croke Park against Louth, so it's not good enough to bring it in fits and starts, we've got to be way more consistent in what we're doing.”

The win went some way to making up for the disappointment of losing to Louth the week before. “There's no two ways about it, we didn't do ourselves justice last weekend. Saying that, Louth came fully prepared for the game and came with a great attitude and we were just a bit off.

“Whether it was attitude or a bit of overspent from the week, but we came today in the right frame of mind, and if you do that most days you'll be in the game, so it was good to see a bit of a reaction out of our boys.”

Having made eight changes to the team, it was clear Sugrue was not happy with what he saw against Louth eight days earlier. He has now used 26 different players in the league, and he's happy to have the strength in depth available to him and his backroom team. “That's what the panel is for, lots of lads have come back into the panel this year and we have exciting young fellas as well around the place.

“Guys have got to get a chance and if fellas come in and know their roll in the team, then it shouldn't make any difference who plays.

“The guys who came in today, some played very well and they'll look to hold their jersey, others will be under pressure and that's the way of it, that's the way of team sport, you have to have competition.”

The remaining four games are now against Leinster rivals, something the Laois boss is relishing. “Yeah, all neighbourly battles, and you know yourself, neighbours never want to yield an inch. It's a great focal point for us for the rest of the league, we've a lot of neighbours here who want to put a shoe on top of us, and we've got to try do likewise to them.”