Laois SHC 2013 - A Look at the Numbers

Zane Keenan is part of a Camross side which is averaging more scores per game than any other in the Laois SHC this year.
With the Laois SHC final set to take place this Sunday afternoon at 4pm, we take a look at some of the key numbers from this year’s championship.

With the Laois SHC final set to take place this Sunday afternoon at 4pm, we take a look at some of the key numbers from this year’s championship.

By Rory Delaney


The figures below are based on the 14 games which have been played in the championship to date, including the relegation playoff.

There was skepticism from many quarters over transitioning the championship to an eight team format, but the results show that it has been incredibly competitive. Only two games from 14 played so far have been won by ten points or more, while seven of 14 have seen five points or less between the teams at the final whistle.

The average winning margin is just 5.6 points per game (ppg). Almost 70% of all scores came from play, with an average of almost 34 ppg also. The team with the best average score per game (Camross, at 20 ppg) will meet the team with the meanest defence (Borris-Kilcotton, conceding an average of 13 ppg) in the final, which promises to be intriguing.

Below are some overall statistics from the 2013 Laois SHC for total scores, average scores, and the percentage of scores from play, with each club given a breakdown of those figures also.


Total Scored - 31-378 (471 points)

Number of Games - 14

Avg Scores Per Game - 33.6 ppg

Total Scores From Frees - 2-150

Percentage of Scores From Frees - 33.12 %

Avg Scores Per Game From Frees - 11.1 ppg

Highest Scoring Team - Overall: Clough-Ballacolla 6-69 (five games)

Highest Scoring Team - Average: Camross 20 ppg (three games)

Lowest Scoring Team - Overall: Castletown-Slieve Bloom 3-27 (three games)

Lowest Scoring Team - Average: Castletown-Slieve Bloom 12 ppg (three games)

Most Scores Conceded - Overall: Clough-Ballacolla 2-80 (five games)

Most Scores Conceded - Average: Ballinakill 22.3 ppg (three games)

Lowest Scores Conceded - Overall: Borris-Kilcotton 2-33 (three games)

Lowest Scores Conceded - Average: Borris-Kilcotton 13 ppg (three games)

Most Scores from Frees - Overall: Clough-Ballacolla 1-26 (five games)

Highest Percentage of Scores from Frees: Borris-Kilcotton 42.85 %

Most Scores Conceded from Frees - Overall: Clough-Ballacolla 0-32 (five games)

Highest Percentage of Scores Conceded from Frees: Rathdowney-Errill 46.20 %

Fewest Scores from Frees - Overall: Ballinakill 0-9 (three games)

Lowest Percentage of Scores from Frees: Ballinakill 18.75 %

Fewest Scores Conceded from Frees - Overall: Castletown-Slieve Bloom 0-12

Lowest Percentage of Scores Conceded from Frees - Portlaoise 19.71 %


(The number in brackets after each team indicates the number of games they have played in the championship)


It’s clear to see that defence was the problem for Ballinakill. They conceded 22.3 ppg, over four points more than anyone else. They really struggled in attack too, averaging just 15.6 ppg and scoring just 0-9 from frees.

Total Scores For: 3-38

Total Scores Against: 3-58

Avg Scores For: 15.6 ppg

Avg Scores Against: 22.3 ppg

Total Scored From Frees: 0-9

Total Conceded From Frees: 0-25

Percentage Scored from Frees: 18.75 %

Percentage Conceded from Frees: 37.31 %


The meanest defence in the championship, conceding an average of just 13 ppg. Their attack is impressive, with 18.3 ppg, but an over reliance on frees is worrying ahead of the final. Of their total of 2-50, some 1-21 came from frees, which works out at 42.85% of their scores coming from placed balls.

Total Scores For: 2-50

Total Scores Against: 2-33

Avg Scores For: 18.3 ppg

Avg Scores Against: 13 ppg

Total Scored From Frees: 1-21

Total Conceded From Frees: 0-15

Percentage Scored from Frees: 42.85 %

Percentage Conceded from Frees: 38.46 %


They are averaging more scores per game than any other team in the championship at 20 ppg, almost two per game more than Borris-Kilcotton, who they meet in the final. That average is skewed somewhat, however, by their runaway victory over Portlaoise. Their defence is only slightly behind Borris-Kilcotton however, as they have conceded only one point more than them, at 2-34.

Total Scores For: 5-45

Total Scores Against: 2-34

Avg Scores For: 20 ppg

Avg Scores Against: 13.3 ppg

Total Scored From Frees: 0-14

Total Conceded From Frees: 0-14

Percentage Scored from Frees: 23.33%

Percentage Conceded from Frees: 35 %


A very disappointing year for Castletown-Slieve Bloom, they had the lowest total scored (2-37), the lowest average score (12 ppg) and the lowest single scoring total in a single game (1-6). Their defence was only slightly worse than average but scoring is their obvious Achilles Heel.

Total Scores For: 3-27

Total Scores Against: 6-35

Avg Scores For: 12 ppg

Avg Scores Against: 17.6 ppg

Total Scored From Frees: 0-15

Total Conceded From Frees: 0-12

Percentage Scored from Frees: 41.66 %

Percentage Conceded from Frees: 22.64%


A mixed bag from them this year, although they played more games than anybody else with five. Their defence was of particular concern in terms of conceding points, as they allowed 80 past them in five games. They also conceded a lot of scores from frees, 0-32 in total, but scored more goals than anyone else, with six.

Total Scores For: 6-69

Total Scores Against: 2-80

Avg Scores For: 17.4 ppg

Avg Scores Against: 17.2 ppg

Total Scored From Frees: 1-26

Total Conceded From Frees: 0-32

Percentage Scored from Frees: 33.33 %

Percentage Conceded from Frees: 37.20 %


Interestingly for Portlaoise, their average scores for and against are exactly the same, at 17.75 ppg. That about sums up the year for them, which was so-so, but worryingly they conceded the most amount of goals in the championship, at seven. Noel Costelloe’s haul of 0-10 from frees in the win over Ballinakill was the most scored from placed balls by any individual in the a single game in the championship.

Total Scores For: 5-56

Total Scores Against: 7-50

Avg Scores For: 17.75 ppg

Avg Scores Against: 17.75 ppg

Total Scored From Frees: 0-23

Total Conceded From Frees: 0-14

Percentage Scored from Frees: 32.39 %

Percentage Conceded from Frees: 19.71%


Indiscipline cost Rathdowney-Errill this year as they gave away a higher percentage of scores from frees than any other team. In total, 46.20 % of the scores they gave away were from frees, and they were the only team in the championship to concede goals from a frees.

Total Scores For: 3-56

Total Scores Against: 6-49

Avg Scores For: 16.25 ppg

Avg Scores Against: 16.75 ppg

Total Scored From Frees: 0-23

Total Conceded From Frees: 2-25

Percentage Scored from Frees: 35.38 %

Percentage Conceded from Frees: 46.26 %


Decidedly average from The Harps. They scored an average of 16.3 ppg and conceded an average of 16 ppg, so they were never going to make much progress with figures like that. They also had the third highest percentage of scores from frees, at 38.77 %

Total Scores For: 4-37

Total Scores Against: 3-39

Avg Scores For: 16.3 ppg

Avg Scores Against: 16 ppg

Total Scored From Frees: 0-19

Total Conceded From Frees: 0-13

Percentage Scored from Frees: 38.77 %

Percentage Conceded from Frees: 27.08 %