Doubt over parade in Mountmellick

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Doubt over parade in Mountmellick

The St Patrick's Day parade in Mountmellick is in doubt this year, as with just three weeks to go, no new volunteers have come forward to organise it.

Last year the fundraising committee of four volunteers who ran both the Christmas Lights and the St Patrick's Day parade, disbanded.

While responsibility for the lights was taken on by a new Christmas Lights committee in time for the festive season, nobody has come forward to run the parade.

Gerry Mulvaney was the chairman of the now disbanded committee.

“If a new group or committee is willing to take it on, of course we would give them advice, help and assistance,” he told the Leinster Express.

Laois County Council Tourism Officer Dom Reddin is hopeful there might yet be a new committee to take on the job of organising a parade.

It is understood that there is still time to register for grant assistance from the council.

“It would be great to see a Parade in Mountmellick again this year as it brightens up the town and creates a great atmosphere, Laois County Council have supported the parades in the county over the years and will do so again this year,” he said.