UN Vets forced to leave

By Lynda Kiernan lynda.kiernan@leinsterexpress.ie@laoisnews

Laois' UN Veterans Association, Post 27, have packed up and left their Portlaoise base, after being handed their marching orders by Laois County Council.

The 54 members were told by the council last summer that the offices, rented to them at a low cost, were now required for library use.

Since then their efforts to find a new home, helped by intervention from local councillors and politicans, failed. Last Thursday March 31, they gave back the key, after nearly four years on Mill View .

“I know now what it feels like to be homeless,” said a disappointed Tony Flanagan, House Manager.

The club had become a vital social link, not just in giving advice and support to retired servicemen and women, but to Portlaoise,

“I'm devastated, it's like losing part of my family,” said former CE secretary Theresa Greene Hartford.

The branch will continue to hold monthly meetings in O'Loughlins Hotel, and attend official ceremonies and UN veterans' funerals.

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