No €1million houses in Laois

Tax bands

No €1million houses in Laois

About 29,000 households in Laois paid more than €3.8 million in property tax last year, according to Laois County Council.

Some 41% or 11,948 paid €90 in Local Property Tax (LPT) in 2016. A further 42.5% or 12,325 paid €225 while 11.7% or 3,393 paid €315.

Just under 3% or 812 households paid €405 while just under 1% or 261 paid €495. The remaining 261 households paid €585 in 2016.

No household in Laois paid the top rate of tax €1,800 for owning a home worth mor than €1 million.

There are seven valuation bands for property tax in Laois.

The lowest band involves a €90 charges for houses worth up to €100,000. The next band up to €150,000 attracts a €225 charge. Homes vauled up to €200,000 involve a €315 charge while homes valued up to €250,000 will set you back €405 annually. Homes costint up to €300,000 cost €495 while those worth upt to €350,000 attract a charge of €585 each year.