Big stock of stolen items can be reclaimed at Portlaoise Garda Station

Crime Victims of thefts have chance to reclaim property at Garda station

Big stock of stolen items can be reclaimed at Portlaoise Garda Station
By Ryan Dunneryan@leinsterexpress.ieTwitter: @laoisnews

Victims of theft crimes in Laois have a chance to reclaim stolen property at the Garda National Property Recovered Day this Thursday, September 22.

While most property recovered by An Garda Síochána is immediately returned to its owners, particularly in the recovery of property stolen in the course of theft and burglaries, there are cases where the gardaí are unable to identify the owner and the property remains in garda custody.

The property has been recovered by gardaí over the last few years and a garda spokesperson has revealed to the Leinster Express that the amount of property is so large the gardaí are having trouble storing it all.

“It’s a big headache for us to store it all,” said the spokesperson.

The spokesperson said that there is an extensive range of items, such as trailers, chainsaws, socket sets, tools such as gardening and agricultural equipment, and even bicycles.

While people are welcome to call down to their nearest garda station this Thursday, the advice is to check on the garda website first, for a list of the items available.

However, the spokesperson said there is far more stuff in garda storage than is featured on the website.

Some property seized will have no owner identifiable, and in these cases the property will eventually be auctioned off.

In the case of any property that has been found by members of the public, if no legal owner is found within a year and a day then the property will go to the original finder.

Members of the public are invited to attend selected garda stations in each garda division, where photographs of property in garda custody can be viewed.

People in Laois/Offaly can attend to view property this Thursday between 11am and 3pm, at Portlaoise Garda Station, Tullamore Garda Station, and Birr Garda Station, with the Crime Prevention Officer in attendance at Portlaoise from 11am to 12.30pm, and in Birr from 1.30pm to 3pm.

Property is available to view online via the garda website