Court - Car theft youth needs treatment

'Scumbag' since coming out of custody, says father

Court - Car theft youth needs treatment

The father of a 17-year-old Laois male charged with stealing a car told the district court he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown trying to control the youth.

The man described his own son as “an absolute scumbag” and asked could the gardaí respond immediately if the boy “kicks off” at home.

The youth was charged with the unauthorised taking of an MPV, and theft, from Woodview, Stradbally, on September 28 this year.

Inspector Aidan Farrelly said there was no objection to bail, but the State wanted a curfew on the juvenile between 9pm and 8am.

However, the accused told the court that he would break the curfew.

“I’m going to be brought back (to court), that’s too early,” he said.

“You can go to Oberstown (detention centre) if you want,” retorted Judge Catherine Staines.

“Send me to Oberstown then,” replied the accused.

The accused’s father addressed the court, saying that he and the accused’s mother were separated and the accused would not be able to stay with him.

Telling the court that his son wanted to go back to prison, the father said “he’s an absolute scumbag” since he had come out of custody, and it was the parents’ belief that the boy needs treatment.

The father said that his son had recently ran out in front of a garda car, to which the boy told the court that he “wanted to be killed”.

The father said that such things happen on a daily basis, and Inspector Farrelly agreed that there were concerns over the boy’s mental well being.

The accused’s father went on to say that the boy’s care worker cannot handle him.

The court heard that the boy has been referred to Nua Healthcare, and Judge Staines said she wanted to know why there was no place available for him at Nua.

The accused then said he would stick to the curfew, but asked the court to extend the curfew to 10pm as he likes to “go for a spin with the lads”.

“The problem is, you’re charged with stealing a car,” remarked Judge Staines.

“I won’t be out stealing cars,” replied the accused.

Judge Staines then gave him the ultimatum of a 9pm curfew, or going to Oberstown, to which the accused said he would agree to the 9pm curfew.

However, the accused’s father said: “I know that curfew will be broken. I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown.”

He also said that the problems were “messing up” his younger son.

Judge Staines asked could the mother look after the accused, to which the mother replied that she could not.

Judge Staines put the matter back to October 20, to hear from Nua Healthcare and to find out if there is a place in Oberstown for the accused.

The father also asked could the gardaí give an assurance that they would come out immediately if the accused “kicks off”, but Judge Staines said she could not speak for the gardaí.