Court -Jailed for selling heroin to gardaí

Dealing 'misery'

Court -Jailed for selling heroin to gardaí

A 38-year-old man has been sentenced to six months in jail having been convicted of selling heroin to undercover gardaí on four separate occasions.

Andrew Madden (38), with an address at 34 Birchwood Drive, Tallaght, but formerly living in Portarlington, appeared before last week’s district court on a bench warrant, after he previously failed to appear to face the charges.

Inspector Oliver Baker gave evidence that the accused sold heroin, valued at €50, to two undercover gardaí on November 20, 2015, at Kilnacourt Woods, Portarlington.

The accused again sold heroin, valued at €40, to undercover gardaí on November 26, at Kilnacourt Woods.

On December 2, Madden sold €50 of heroin to undercover gardaí, again at Kilnacourt Woods, and on January 13, 2016, he sold €20 of heroin to undercover gardaí, at the Maxol Filling Station in Portarlington.

Insp Baker said that the arrests came as a result of a national garda operation targeting drug dealers.

The accused has previous convictions, including robbery and drug offences.

Defence, Mr Declan Breen said the facts of the case spoke for themselves.

At the time, Madden was living in Portarlington and had a history of drug addiction, particularly heroin, and had amassed a number of convictions.

He attended for treatment in 2011 and got clean of drugs, but in June of 2015 he experienced difficulties in his relationship at home and started back on cannabis, then on heroin.

Mr Breen said his client then got involved in drug dealing, which led to his losing his partner and daughter.

Defence handed in a letter showing his client had completed 16 weeks of a 20-week treatment course for his addiction, but he left before the end of the course to take up work.

The accused continues to engage with aftercare for his addiction, said defence.

Mr Breen went on to say that Madden was now completely clean of all drugs.

Judge Catherine Staines said she had every sympathy for the accused and his drug addiction, but he knew the misery caused by heroin and he had been caught dealing on a number of occasions.

The judge said that the court had to mark the seriousness of the offence, and she imposed six months in prison.

Recognisance was fixed in the event of an appeal.