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Public order

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Express Reporter


CCTV footage in the case of a Mountmellick man charged with public order offences is only available to defence as the prosecuting garda managed to get a copy of the footage on his mobile phone.

At last week’s sitting of the district court, Jason Bergin (19), 1 Bay Road, Mountmellick, was charged with being intoxicated in public, and using threatening or abusive behaviour, at Main Street, Stradbally, on September 4 this year.

Giving evidence of arrest, charge and caution, Garda Adrian Corcoran said that he arrested the accused at O’Connell Square, Mountmellick, on October 2 this year, and charged him with two offences.

Garda Corcoran said that when charged, the accused replied: “I had a pint glass in public. I went and got a plastic glass and walked out with it.

“I was in the chippers beside the pub, which my girlfriend was in waiting for food. I was talking to the other accused when some fella walked in our direction in the inside window.

“Then I was arrested and put in the back of a paddy wagon,” concluded the accused's response.

Defence, solicitor Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick requested a statements order in the case and a date for mention.

Legal aid was also requested by Ms Fitzpatrick.

She also asked was there CCTV footage of the alleged incident.

To this request, Garda Corcoran replied that the CCTVfootage only lasted on the system for five days, but he had managed to record a copy of it himself on his mobile phone.

He said he could put this footage onto a USB key for defence.

The matter was put back to November 3, for a guilty plea to be entered or for a hearing date to be fixed.