Time to explore Grantstown lake

Time to explore Grantstown lake

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A crannóg lies in the centre of Grantstown Lake, one of many little known facts about the south Laois beauty spot, set to be revealed at a guided walk this Sunday October 30.

Hawthorne Community Development, Ballacolla is hosting the a 7km walk, exploring the Grantstown Lake Wood and the Crown of Ossory.

The guide is college lecturer Paul Keating, and expert Michael Bulfin will join him to impart knowledge of mountain peaks.

The crannóg, an ancient manmade island built to keep inhabitants safe from raids, was once explored by the late RTE wildlife broadcaster Gerrit van Gelderin.

Walkers on Sunday can enjoy the autumn colours around the 24 acre lake as they explore the wood and adjoining farmland, courtesy of local landowners and the NPWS.

“The woods are at their finest this time of year, and we hope everyone comes along to enjoy them, to learn about the heritage, history and folklore of this area,” said Matt Doyle, a member of Hawthorn Community Development.

Donations to the Hawthorn Insurance Fund will be greatly appreciated.

The fund is to continue insurance cover on the recently renovated hall.

The walk is suitable for all ages, but not for buggies or dogs because it is through some farmland.

Walkers are asked to assemble at the Lake Wood entrance, with the walk setting off at 12.30pm.

Suitable clothing, boots and binoculars area advised.

A cup of tea will be served in the Community Hall afterwards.